About us

Hideo Yamaji

Hideo Yamaji, who runs this website, works as an SSI-approved sake lecturer and consultant. Office Ichiyama Representative


His uncle was a traditional Sake brewery in Nadagogo, Hyogo Prefecture, a famous place for Sake, so he often spent time is the brewery and in the bottle yard when he was a child. The Sake brewery is closed now, but he wants to have a connection to the the family business so he runs a website to increase the number of sake fans.

This website introduces information about Japanese Sake so that you can enjoy it. Mr.Yamaji is visits Sake-Brewers all over Japan for interviews, he hopes you will be interested inJapanese-sake-world.

Also, if you are interested in breweries and Sake from all over Japan, please visit this website’s sister website, Nihonshu-Tourism, from the links and banners on this website.

Based on a database of breweries from all over Japan and the Sake produced by that brewery, registered on this website, you can search not only for the name of the brewer, the brand of the Sake, but also the taste, origin, and label.

The site has the ability to translate in English, French, Chinese and Korean.