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Q1:What’s Sake? Is it like wine?, Is it like beer?or Is it like spirits? Sake is the same type of liquor as beer and wine, It is brewed. It is different from distilled liquor. See the “How Sake is made” page on this website for detail. Q2:What is Sake made from? Sake is made by fermenting steamed rice. Q3:What is the color and appearance of Sake? The appearance is usually colorless and transparent, but some are slightly colored and cloudy, and others are like sparkling wine. Q4:How much is Sake aged before drinking? Usually Sake is aged for about half […]


The people of Sakagura(brewer)

Kuramoto and Kurabito,Toji Kuramoto, Kurabito and Toji are names for brewing workers. Kuramoto is the owner of the brewery and Kuramoto is often the brewer, Kurabito is the name for workers at the brewery, Toji is the general manager who is responsible for the overall production of the brewing. Toji-system Toji-system was developed in the Edo period, when a method called “Kan-dukuri” was used to produce all during winter for yearly consumption amount. A long time ago, farmers had no job from autumn when rice cultivation was over, to early spring so there were people who worked in sake breweries […]

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Hideo Yamaji, who runs this website, works as an SSI-approved sake lecturer and consultant. Office Ichiyama Representative SSI : SAKE SERVICE INSTITUTE in Japan His uncle was a traditional Sake brewery in Nadagogo, Hyogo Prefecture, a famous place for Sake, so he often spent time is the brewery and in the bottle yard when he was a child. The Sake brewery is closed now, but he wants to have a connection to the the family business so he runs a website to increase the number of sake fans. This website introduces information about Japanese Sake so that you can enjoy […]



Welcome to Sake World In ancientimes,Sake was a sacred drink to give thanks to the gods for a successful rice harvest. As time passed, it evolved from a tribute to the gods to first , a drink for powerful people and then later a drink for ordinary people. In the process of evolution, sake changed its appearance, changed its taste, and developed into a taste that was rooted in the characteristics of the region as an each sake reflected the food culture of various parts of Japan. About Sake Type of Sake How Sake made


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